Arjun Bhogal

Adventurer | Writer | Speaker

Arjun Bhogal is a British adventurer, writer and public speaker, known for his 5 year walk from the UK to Australia, over 25,000 kilometres (16,000 miles) for the clean water access charity WaterAid. 


A Walk Across the World

The Borderwalk project was thought up by Arjun and some friends during the last year at university after finding out about problems surrounding clean water access.  The idea was to walk from Cardiff South Wales, UK to Cardiff New South Wales, Australia.

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In support of water aid


Borderwalk was inspired by the millions of people who walk for water on a daily basis, sourcing clean and safe water for them and their families. WaterAid has worked tackling this issue for years.

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Arjun on the Steppe

Borderwalk Blog

Here you'll find a journal of the Borderwalk trip and the problems that Arjun and the people who joined him along the way faced. Arjun is currently working on a book chronically the 5 years journey and the surreal things that happened along the way, whether it be being hunted by the Taliban or suffering from dysentery in the desert. 

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Water in Ukraine

Borderwalk YouTube

Here you'll find some videos from the walk. with the help of sponsors like Sony, Arjun was able to document the walk and share his journey with people along the way when possible.

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Public speaking

Arjun brings the Borderwalk story to schools, universities and conferences around the world on a regular basis.

EE, Cultivator and Hero RT are a few of the organisations Arjun has shared the Borderwalk story with and conducted workshops at.

Learn more about what the Borderwalk story can offer your next event, follow the link below.

As Arjun points out, we are all capable of achieving great things and maybe hearing his story will be the beginning of your own grand adventure.
— Mark Haynes, Cultivator Founder
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Walk across India

The worlds largest democracy with 1.3 billion people, read about Arjun beginning his journey in India, straight off the back of year 2 of his journey to Australia and having been chewed up and spat out of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Platform Magazine

Arjun took some time out during the walk to write down some of his thoughts about Borderwalk for Platform Magazine back in 2016.

Capstone Editing Grant

Thanks to the Capstone Editing Grant, Arjun Bhogal is one step closer to Walking the Yarra and telling stories from the 242km journey along Melbourne's most important water source.

Walk Across Australia - In pictures

Making the journey across Australia was a strange and curious one, from arrival to the very end, Australia never ceased to amaze, confuse, and entertain.


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