A Walk Across the World

What began as a 2 man, 3 year journey from the UK to Australia, on foot for charity, turned into a 1 man, 5 year solo walk. In an attempt to finish what he started, Arjun has had to contend with cruel winters with temperatures as low as -45, inhospitable regions, jungles, deserts and even threats of being beheaded

Arjun on the Steppe

Over 10,000 miles on foot

Arjun completed the charity walk to Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia, in May 2017 journeying through places such as Afghanistan, the tribal regions of India, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Nullarbor. He was joined by friends and people he met along the way, people who wanted to experience his journey first hand. You'll find a few of them below.


Clean Water Access

With the project inspired by the millions of people around the world that walk for water on a daily basis, the idea became about helping raise awareness and funds to help WaterAid provide clean water access and sanitation to communities around the world. Arjun has now completed the walk and if you'd like to donate to WaterAid you'll find a donate button at the bottom and top of this page, remember every little helps! Additionally if you'd like to find out more about the charity click on the button below.


BBC Radio Wales Interview


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