During Borderwalk, Arjun has been generously given various platforms from which to speak around the world about his journey, from the freedom to write articles, or appearing on national television, to having been invited to talk in some of the most well respected universities in the world. Arjun welcomes any opportunity he is given to speak at schools, universities or events around the world about Borderwalk, discussing with them the psychological as well as physical journey he has undertaken during his time walking.

If you would like to get in contact with Arjun and have him talk at one of your events please head over to the Contact Page where you will find the appropriate information.


Arjun is part of festivals like Australia's Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, you can find out more information about upcoming events via social media.


The journey has been a strange one, full of once in a lifetime experiences, mishaps and adventures, involving jails, police corruption and even the Taliban. Arjun hopes he can not only help educate young people about other cultures and the world outside theirs, but inspire them to step up and take on adventures of their own, no matter what gender or indeed race. Having both started with no experience in outdoor survival, Arjun and Kieran's story is one of 'learning as you go' and adapting to unsavory conditions. Arjun hopes through telling this story, addressing key issues, from depression and anxiety to motivation, he will help spread the word that you do not indeed need to be special to achieve something special. But all you need is to make the decision to achieve something and then be willing to pay the price to achieve it. Whether it be blisters, back ache or dysentery.