walking the yarra
Yarra River

A journey from source to sea exploring the history and future of the river that 4.8 million Melbournian's depend on daily

During this journey Arjun will be exploring the relationship between the river and the millions of people who rely upon it daily. How they shape it, use it and in some cases abuse it. He'll be talking and walking with community leaders and representatives of companies to explain the problems faced and the ways in which companies and communities are working to overcome these issues.

The river runs for 242 kilometres (150 miles) from source to sea, spans wild and developed land and has over the centuries been effected by settlements, pollution, logging and industrialisation.  Its name alone was the product of a misunderstanding between local elders and the surveyor John Wedge, from Yarro-Yarro to what we now know as the Yarra.