Below, find links to many places where you can find literature and documentaries to do with water and marine conservation.


The charities Arjun is raising funds for are the Marine Conservation Society and WaterAid, who work in protecting our oceans and providing clean sustainable water access and services that benefit many developing communities across the world.

As well as raising money, Arjun is looking to raise awareness of issues such as climate change and water/marine conservation. As these are global issues that affect us all having impacts on the way people live their lives daily. With combinations of overuse and mismanagement, some countries have unfortunately reached ‘peak water’ already, whilst private industry also pollute what little water they do have. Meaning they are having to rely on other countries and their governments for their water needs. Sometimes meaning higher prices and harder access, making water charities like WaterAid important to everyday people, by helping them gain access to clean water and sanitation, whilst also giving them a voice. Also the same can be said for Marine Conservation charities like MCSUK. Overuse and pollution, the same problems we find with our clean water, we find occurring within our oceans. We are hugely effecting our marine life with vast amounts of over fishing across the planet and contaminating what marine life we do have left, with plastics and other chemicals from industry. That consequently have huge ramifications, in some countries, to public health.

Check out the link for informative documentaries regarding water bases issues around the world.

Check out the link to other informative documentaries to do with marine conservation issues around the world.

Even thought in 2010 the UN passed a resolution affirming water as a human right, you can still sign the petition to have 'Article 31' added to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which intends to ensure that all people, no matter what country, have by law, access to clean water as a basic human right. "Water is a right, not a privilege". It is important that we dont let the issue fall by the way side as many people are still waiting to see the full implementation and benefits of such a right. Especially with this already passed legislation is being marginalized within policy discussion and still somehow being heavily contested within the UN.

Please refer back to the links on this page where you'll find water and marine conservation documentaries as well as other information and if your feeling generous please take a moment to donate to WaterAid or the Marine Conservation Society via the borderwalk page.